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L.A. Woman Sunday Afternoon · 20.3.05

Evo nečega što bi moglo zanimati doktora Bukovića. Objavljeno danas u LA Timesu.
Young adults who as teenagers took pledges not to have sex until marriage were just as likely to contract a venereal disease as people who didn't make the promise, according to a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Kako to, zapitat ćete se?
The study found that 88% of sexually active people who took the pledge had intercourse before marriage. Sexually active pledgers were less likely to use condoms the first time they had sex, Bruckner said.

Uz to,
The study found that people who took an abstinence pledge were less likely to get tested and treated for venereal disease. They may then be infected longer than other people.

Some teenagers and young adults may engage in other intimate activities besides vaginal sex in order to preserve their virginity, the study found.

Sex education programs that teach only about abstinence are outside the reality of most adolescents and young adults.

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