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Britanija za Amerikance · 4.4.05

O jeziku:
You may have heard some British people talking in movies. The men are the posh baddies who often drink to much; the women are the posh ladies who live on their own and have too much money. You may not think so, but your Americans have got 100% right! We are like that!

O javnom prijevozu:
Most bus drivers are specially recruited from India. These dusky chaps are very diligent, and are proud of their traditional calling. On entry to Britain, new drivers are christened "Pakkee" (the Hindu word for "doughty driver"); help them to feel at home by using their name as much as possible in conversation.

O zemljopisu:
People who don't live in London are called "provincials", and are not allowed to meet the Queen or get married. Their suicide rate is high.

Još o zemljopisu, za one koje žele znati više:
Britain is surrounded by water on all sides, so it's an island. There are other islands, as the map shows, but they have funny names, and the people who live in these islands are difficult to get to know.

O muzici:
Of course, we get nearly all of our music from America. We find that your songs, like "Throw Out Your Gold Teeth And See How They Roll" by Mr Steely Dan, "Hotel California" by the Eagles Orchestra, and "Smack Yo' Nigga Bitch" by DJ Ice T, help us to understand the culture of the United States.

Such songs are frequently played in folk clubs, and the gentlemen who play their guitars in these places are only too happy to sing them on request. It will help you to feel "at home" if you ask for them.We have a small music industry of our own, too.

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Ne bi me začudilo da neko ove "preporuke" shvati ozbiljno .. ah, o tome ćemo već čitati u "darwin awards" zar ne?
a štas može... stereotipi su uvijek tu. iako i mi imamo stereotipe o amerima. ono u stilu debeli debili. hm, zapravo to možda i nisu stereotipi...



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