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Šnitkeraj · 15.4.05

Alex Ross je opet ulovio pravi link: site posvećen pokojnom skladatelju Alfredu Schnittkeu. Definitvno najluđi guestbook kojeg sam vidjela. Evo mog izbora iz knjige žalbi:
quello che ha fatto sto sito è un idiota

I am hate the person he wroted that web site here.

you're ugly face is angring me schnitky. if ever meet you i will compose a .38 to you face immedietly.

What is this fucking site ????? How do you dare to treat Schnittke like this ?? he is one of the best composers of all time !
Go in hell stupid american people !

A dessert's not a dessert without Schnittke.

This site is deeply stupid, unimaginative, retarded and pointless. Everything that Schnittke and his music is not. Seid nuchtern und wachet!

We can ALL agree that Alfred Schnittke was one of the most talented transexual crossdressing pedophiles that ever composed a..... some music.

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Stranica je prilično poremećena. Možda i ja dodam kakvu uvredu.



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